Before you consider going under the knife and having risky surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, herniated disc or TMJ you should consider a safer, less expensive option for these conditions which has provided long term relief for 90% of our patients. Whether you are suffering  from carpal tunnel, back pain or TMJ the ARP is the solution for you.


NFL NBA MLB MLS NHL Olympic athletes and hundreds of everyday people.


"I was referred to the ARP Clinic by a friend after I had gone through years of therapy, and was at my wits end with pain. My doctor as a last resort had suggested surgery. My friend had been treated at the ARP Clinic for golfers elbow and was amazed at the results. I went through the 10 treatment program and after treatment 4 I was pain free and have been ever since."
Betty Jean

"I am a court reporter diagnosed with Carpal tunnel. After taking pain medication for years to deal with the pain I was referred to Denis Thompson at the ARP Wave Clinic. I have been pain free ever since."
Marie Court

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The ARP system is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation.

Physical therapy works on the physical where as the ARP system works on the neurological origin.

The pain in your wrist is where the problem ended not where the problem is coming from.  If you have pain in your wrist all the force is going to your wrist joint, you are like a car with no shocks.

The problem is NOT your wrist it is the muscles not absorbing the shock.

Our system finds the neurological origin of the muscle failure and gets the muscles to absorb force.

The result ... no surgery needed and no pain.  /  ca   /

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